Michelle Keller-Pearson

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Research Interests:

Michelle’s work focuses on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and their roles in contributing to plant growth and soil qualities. Her research focuses on carrot’s responses to inoculation by closely-related species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi during high or low water conditions. Michelle is a Ph. D candidate in the Cellular and Molecular Biology Program and is co-advised by Dr. Jean-Michel Ané. She carries out her research in the field, greenhouse, and laboratory. To learn more, visit Michelle’s site here.

Personal Interests:

Bike commuting, rock climbing, hiking, foraying in the woods, canoeing, picking huckleberries, camping, cooking, and creating graphics to illustrate my research.


The amazing techni-orange-hued dream team with carrot’s coming out of their ears after harvest. From top left to right: Dylan Bruce, Kelly Verhaalen, Yang Liu, and Brendan Smith; bottom left to right: Michelle, Annika Peterson, and Brianna Holubets.