Principal Investigator – Dr. Erin Silva

Dr. Silva is an Assistant Professor with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Plant Pathology.  Her program focuses broadly on organic agricultural production, including vegetables, row crops and pastures.  Erin is a member of the Wisconsin Organic Advisory Council and is involved with organic agriculture at both the local and national levels.


PhD and MS. Horticulture. Washington State University.
BS. Biology.  Minor: Chemistry.  University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Silva, E.M., R. Claypool, J. Munsch, J. Hendrickson, P. Mitchell, and J. Mills. 2014. Veggie Compass: A spreadsheet-based tool to calculate cost‐of‐production for diversified organic vegetable farmers. HortTechnology 24:394-402.

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Books and Book Chapters

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