Organic Grain Resource and Information Network (OGRAIN)

The Organic Grain Resource and Information Network (OGRAIN) is an educational framework for developing organic grain production in the upper Midwest. OGRAIN resources include virtual events, field days, annual winter and summer intensives, written resources, an organic grain Resource List, and series of educational videos. The OGRAIN website offers access to these resources and more at

Check out the OGRAIN YouTube Channel for videos on topics ranging from weed control to marketing, or join the email list to enjoy highly informative conversations with experienced growers – past discussions have addressed questions such as grain storage, termination of specific cover crops, weed management techniques, and more. Join the OGRAIN listserv by emailing, or find OGRAIN on Facebook.

OGRAIN is managed by Dr. Erin Silva. Contact her with any questions regarding the OGRAIN program. If you have specific organic grain management questions, try polling experienced growers, researchers, and industry representatives by emailing the listserv!

OGRAIN was initially funded in 2015 by a grant from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

A future farmer enjoys the view at an OGRAIN field day at Doudlah Farms/FarmRite